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$85 for 35-55 stems – Colour choice of Pastels, Brights or Farmer’s Selection

$155 for 70-100 stems

*Flower buckets are subject to availability

Seasonal Flower Buckets



Buckets of hand-selected, seasonal flowers straight from our farm for your home, wedding or next event.


Bring a creative and personal element to your wedding, birthday or dinner party by designing your own floral arrangements.


Our DIY Flower Buckets are a mix of whatever beauty is blooming on the farm – this means that you won’t know exactly what flowers are in your bucket until it’s time to harvest. Colors and flowers vary but are always the best quality and stunningly beautiful.


For more information and to find out if DIY flower arranging is right for you, see our DIY Flower FAQs below.


Once you have read the FAQs please contact us to order your flowers.


Flower buckets are available Late July through September and sometimes into early October.

Buckets FAQ's

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