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The Idea Seed

On a frosty November morning in 2021 I was taking our family pup, Stevie, on an early morning walk around our 2.5 acres. While I had known of our property's storied past as a field full of cannabis throughout the 90's, I had only recently learned that its agricultural history was much older. Our elderly neighbor Joe was recalling boyhood memories of running through the apple orchard that filled hundreds of acres around us. The trees had been planted at the turn of century and were active up until the 1960's when they were removed and the land subdivided for rural residential development.


As I tried to imagine the flat grassy acres in front of me as lush orchards heavy with fruits and kids climbing trees, a seed of an idea was planted, the land seemed to be telling me it wanted to become more again. It nagged at me for weeks and even though I had never grown anything in my life more than a few vegetables in a raised bed, I spent the winter studying the art, science and business of flower farming. As a mom of twin toddlers and a full time career in design, I did not have an extra 20 hours a week for school, but somehow, with the support of my husband, I made it happen.


In May of 2022, I prepped 5,000 sq. ft of dirt and planted somewhere around 2,500 seeds and seedlings. I wasn't sure if anything would even grow, but the land responded and what once was a quiet field in May, by July, was an ecosystem alive and buzzing. A community of flowers, bees, birds, snakes and frogs had formed and I was officially hooked.


In 2023, I built a workshop, doubled the size of the field, began selling flowers to local florists, bouquets out of the farm stand my dad and I built, and hosted workshops dying fabric from flowers grown on the farm. All while maintaining a full time job and raising kids. I can't explain what obsession is, but I know what it feels like.


The Farm & The Flowers


If I grow it, I have to love it; organic heirloom never-boring flowers that capture a lush, beautiful, gathered-from-the-garden style, and ones that veer into the whimsical and psychedelic realm. In the field is a diverse range of flowers I use in products and as materials for workshops on the farm such as dried arrangements, natural dye, and botanical printing.

My small farm is 100% female-founded, funded, owned, and operated in Hood River, Oregon.  It's my hands in the dirt, planting the seeds, pruning, picking, arranging, cutting, wrapping All for you, all with love.


About Me

My professional career was a product of resilience based on an absolute absurd belief that I could make a living in a creative field. Somewhere along the way I lost my connection to creating for the sake of creating. Coyote Farm has been my way of tapping back into the creative consciousness and to myself.

Everything I grow, make, and share is driven by my core tenets; joy, resilience, creativity, love, and beauty. I seek out what lights up. Seek what gives me energy. I seek what connects us.


I grow flowers to feed creativity and connection not only in myself, but for my family and my community. I'm a farmer with dirt caked nails, an artist getting lost in the color of the field, a woman raising her kids, and Snr. Design Director of Color at Nike being inspired by my creative co-workers.


Building on two decades of design, craft, and leadership experience I craft workshops that are fresh, creative, skill-based classes organized seasonally in rhythm with what's happening on the farm.


I keep classes small for an intimate learning experience with a focus on quality, connection, and creative growth. Materials are always chosen thoughtfully for their quality, durability, functionality, and sustainability.


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